It’s difficult to articulate what I love most about the Korean Zombie. Firstly, there’s the fact that he comes out to The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ - does he know it’s about the cycle of resentment and injustice that led to an IRA bombing in Warrington, or did some UFC runner just do a search for his nickname on Spotify? Then there’s the fact that he consistently wears the only fighter-branded shirts I’d ever consider sporting in the sorts of hipster bars I go to. And then there’s the fact that he responded to a ridiculous decision loss against Leonard Garcia by hitting the never-before-seen-in-the-UFC Twister - which he’d learned from Youtube. Realistically though, what I love about Jung is the same thing I love about all my favourite fighters - he has minimal interest in winning decisions, and exactly zero interest in holding someone down to coast to a points win. By way of an example, he was easily winning round two in his fight against Poirier, who didn’t seem to have any answer to his very solid mount. But rather than simply drop half-arsed hammer fists for two minutes, Jung decided to jump on an armbar, then unleash a hellstorm of triangle/armbar/triangle/elbow attempts that left him absolutely exhausted for the third. And when he got his breath back in the fourth, he immediately went for a flying knee, then finished with the little-seen Darce. I doubt he can beat Aldo, but I hope they’re throwing so much bonus money at him that it leaves bruises.

Oh, and the other fights? Cerrone seems to have learned from the Diaz loss, no? He made Stephens - who only ever needs one big punch to win - look like a chump, mainly thanks to the same sort of economical down-the-pipe striking that the Stockton boys have made famous. I’m glad Lawlor got the knockout bonus, and I barely care that Sadollah robbed Lopez, who wasn’t doing much except cage-grinding anyway. Another solid card, but in the only thing in my head - aha-ha-ha - was the Zombie. Now, let’s just petition to change that theme tune.